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We look at every aspect of your home, offering a deep and thorough inspection that is unrivalled in the Northern Virginia Area. If you are buying a new home for your family or planning to sell your old one, then you need us. To get the best deal possible Northern Virginia Home Inspector has you covered.

What Our Wonderful Customers Say

We serve customers from all over Northern Virginia and inspect homes as thouroghly as possible. We make sure every home gets the treatment it deserves. Our customers know we treat every home the same and inspect every nook and cranny. If there is an issue we will find it and report it to you.

With Northern Virginia Home Inspector your home is in safe hands.

Check out what our amazing customers say.

Dave Doherty
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AMAZING!! I have had my eye on so many homes in the past year. I want to buy my first home and I am unsure of what to look out for when checking to see if I am going to get my moneys worth. I found one property which was beautiful, but the price for it seemed to good to be true. I called Northern Virginia home inspector to assess the property for any potential issues I may have in the future if I bought the property. They quickly found structural issues that would have become a very big problem in a few years time. Northern Virginia home inspector helped me dodge a bullet. Thank you so much
Lucille Roberts
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Over time, my ceiling has been damaged by water. I was nervous it would cost me a lot of money to get it repaired. Stafford, VA is the first place I called home inspector to give me a detailed inspection of the damage and a quote on how much it would take to repair. I was very happy with the results and especially with the quote. The team, who were very hard working and friendly, answered any questions or concerns I had. For the entire time they were here, they strictly adhered to COVID regulations in order to maintain safety for me and my family. We can not recommend them enough.
Joe Dempsey
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My husband and I wanted to sell our house and get the maximum return for the property. We had lived there for a long time, nearly 10 years and it was a wonderful home to us. We knew we needed a change, but we were afraid of starting over again. Our home was in good condition when we first purchased it, but there was a few niggling issues, which is why we got it at a good price when we first got it. However, we knew there was issues from before that have gotten worse. We hired Northern Virginia Home Inspector to perform a full home inspection and they were just so helpful and pointed out all the major problems and how we could fix them. We listened to them and used their advice and we got a much higher return on our home than we could have even imagined. Thank you so much, we were able to buy our dream home with the money made. I would gladly recommend their services to our friends and family.
Shadid Alburdejahad
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I'll admit I was hesitant at first Northern Virginia Home Inspector due to bad experiences I had in the past with other companies. I needed my chimney inspected so I can see how much I would need to save to get it repaired. With every other company I tried before Northern Virginia Home Inspectors, they tried selling me other services on top of the one I needed and inflated the cost estimate, as they were likely affiliated with the other companies whose services they said I needed for repairs in other areas of my home.  I didn't trust them to have my best interests at heart.  My friend recommended me Northern Virgina Home Inspector as they had good experiences with them before. I gave them a call, and they were out within an hour. Their service was better and faster than the others, and at the end, they provided me a lower cost estimate than their competitors because there was no conflict of interest. I couldn't be happier with the service. Thank you so much.

What We Do

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Exterior Inspection

Residential Inspections

Northern Virginia Home Inspector offers a wide array of home inspection services in Stafford, VA.Our team of professional home inspectors carry out a comprehensive appraisal of your home’s structural, electrical, mechanical, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. 

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Home Interior

Commercial Inspections  

Northern Virginia Home Inspector commercial buildings inspection provides a thorough assessment of the interior and exterior condition of your commercial property. Similar to residential inspections, our commercial inspections assess all of the property’s components and systems, such as the electrical, heating, plumbing, mechanical, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. 

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Roof Inspection

New Construction Inspections

An inspection should always be carried out when purchasing a property, even for newly-constructed homes. The truth is a number of construction companies will try to cut corners to save time and money, which often leaves new homeowners footing the bill for repairs in future. A full inspection of the property’s structural components and systems is needed to detect small issues and stop them from becoming big issues.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Exterior Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection for Seller

Pre-listing inspections are a good way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. You should get a complete evaluation of the property before you decide to put it on the market so you can get in front of repairs and a written report of the condition of the property.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Home Interior

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Buyer

Before purchasing a property, it’s important to know what you’re buying. You need to know that you are buying a house that is sound and well maintained. Doing a thorough inspection of the property before buying will offer peace of mind and help you to take the right decision.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Roof Inspection

Mold and Radon Testing

Mold and radon in your property has the potential to become a serious health hazard. You have to find out why there is mold growing in your property if you are seeking to stop the issue. Our expert inspectors do several tests to find out the exact amount of mold or radon that’s in your home, so that you can take the right steps to completely removing dangerous mold and radon from your home.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Exterior Inspection

Roof Inspections

The roof is a home’s first line of defense against nature. Insurance companies often require proof of a roof inspection, especially if the property is old. Our professional roof inspectors will give a complete assessment of how secure the roof of your property is and provide an accurate appraisal of how long the roof will last and when your roof should be replaced.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Home Interior

Pest, Termite, and Rodent Inspections

Termites, rodents, and other pests can wreak havoc on properties. Our inspections can judge the property’s condition which may make it more susceptible to termite infestations and other pest problems, and reduce the risk of damage. Real estate transactions often require termite letters which we will provide. 

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Roof Inspection

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are required by law. Avoid future issues by getting a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical system. Our electrical inspectors will test the electrical systems and components in your property, including; wiring, plug sockets, light fixtures, showers, fans, and fuse boxes.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Exterior Inspection

Sewer Line Inspections

If you’re buying or selling a home, a sewer line inspection is critical, especially if your home is over twenty years old. Repairs are expensive, but our sewer line and pipe inspections are affordable.  We will ensure that the pipe system in your home is clear of blockages and functioning properly.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Home Interior

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Inspections

For homeowners who want to improve the efficiency and longevity of their property’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, then it is essential that you hire a professional to inspect your HVAC system. A complete inspection can also avoid having to pay for expensive repairs in future, while at the same time improving the efficiency and energy consumption of your HVAC system.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Roof Inspection

Asbestos Inspections

Properties built before the 1980’s often have asbestos insulations, which can pose a serious threat to health. Our asbestos surveyors are going to do a number of tests and surveys that will help them determine the presence of asbestos, locate it, and take a reading of the amount. Hire a professional to do a thorough asbestos inspection of your property to ensure that the property is safe to live.

Northern Virginia Home Inspector Exterior Inspection

Foundation, Basement, and Crawl Space Inspections

Bad design and construction of foundations, basements and crawl spaces could cause large issues and pose a threat to the property’s structure. That’s why you need to have a thorough inspection of your property’s foundation, basement, and or crawl space. Our team will find out if there are any issues with the foundation of {your property|the property|your home|the home, and make sure that your crawl space is kept clean and safe.

Reasons To Buy

When it comes to the best investment you can make to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve about concerns you have over your property, a home inspection service is the only service.

If you are looking to sell your property, the inspections findings could potentially make or break the sale. If you are looking for a loan, a lender will usually require you pass a home inspection before they will issue you a loan for your home. This is to guarantee that the investment they are about to make in the home is worthwhile. 

Our home inspectors will perform an inspection usuing a checklist in order to make sure that ntohing will be missed. The checklist will guide our inspector in what to look for and inspect and enables them to make a record of the findings of the inspections.

Moisture & Mold Check

If you are concerned about how mold can impact you and your family’s health, a home inspection can help alleviate those concerns. We will provide all the information you will need to take the next step. All in a simple and easy process for you.

As mold is extremely harmful, you will need to be proactive, as mold can affect your family and pets. If your houses mold problems are left untreated, it can cause costly damage to your property or home. Find out TODAY about any current problems with mold you may have so you can take immediate action and preserve your family’s health and safety and save yourself a lot of money down the line.

Get the peace of mind you deserve. Regardless of the results of your home inspection, you will have the knowledge to do something about it.

Chimney Check

Never leave it to the last minute and be caught with thousands of dollars in chimney repair costs. You and your family deserve peace of mind, and the only way to get it is by checking and ensuring your chimney and fireplace system is fully functioning and safe for you and your family.

You can trust us to always present an unbiased finding, as there is no conflict of interest because we only perform an inspection and do not perform any actual repairs or service to your systems.

If you are a homeowner or a homebuyer, you should know that repairing the structural and fire safety issues your home has can be extremely costly the longer you leave it unchecked. You are always Better safe than sorry, so make sure to get it inspected today, so there is no surprises tomorrow.

Sewer Line Check

You need to be check your sewer line and be better prepared. As the material your sewer line is made from likely can be damaged by seismic activity and root intrusions, or simply wear out over time.  A higher volume of usage due to changes in conditions such as increased occupancy, etc. can disrupt the sewer line systems proper operation.

Research has shown that a remarkably high percentage of sewer lines require an inspection. A sewer line inspection can find out any problems you may have down the line and avoid and even more costly service of having it repaired.

As a sewer line is out of sight, it is out of your mind. Do not wait until you experience a sewer back up in your home or property. A simple routine sewer line inspection can alleviate your worries, give you peace of mind and help identify and address these issues from occurring in your property or home.

Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is a necessity for any home and property owner. An electrical sure can cause short circuits and can ruin your appliances beyond repair. In many instances where a fire breaks out in a property or home, an electrical short circuit has been the culprit. The cause of the short circuits are often loose wires in the cabling or meter.

Your family deserves to feel and be safe in their own home. Imagine if one of your children touched one of the electrical appliances, they use daily and immediately experienced an electric shock due to faulty electrical wiring. This can have catastrophic consequences and could have been easily preventable with a simple and routine electrical inspection.

Your family’s safety is our number one priority. So, when our team comes to do the electrical inspection, you can ask one of our inspectors to check for different points in the wiring that can cause this type of accident

Foundation Inspection

Whether you are looking to ensure your home is in great condition or considering buying a new home, learning about the condition of your property’s foundation can help you make the most informed and best decision regarding your home.

A simple and easy foundation inspection can help determine if your foundation needs any repairs, as our foundation inspector will check to see if your properties foundation is working as it was designed to do.

As a property owner, it is important to assure the foundation is performing as designed. This can help determine if any repairs are needed or prevent the need of getting a costly repair service down the line by finding and fixing problems today that you may have tomorrow.

Heating & Air Inspection

It is usually only when they stop working do we only ever give a second thought to the heating and air conditioning systems in our home. The key to a comfortable experience in your home for you and your family is maintaining the heating and air conditioning system, as they will keep you cool in the summer, and warm when wintertime comes.

Don’t leave it until it is too late and wait until your heating and air con system needs fixed. The longer you leave it, the more damaged your system can become. The more damaged the system, the more costly the repair will be. Our Heating inspection is not intrusive and is an amazingly simple process and can assess and solve potential problems you may have in the future. Can you really afford to wait until tomorrow, when it saves you money to get an inspection TODAY!

Interiors Inspection

When you require an interior inspection, Northern Virginia Home inspector will study the ceilings, floors, walls and stairways and every other facet of the interior of your home, in order to find any valuable repairs and anomalies. In our interior inspection, your railings, balconies and steps will be included in our checklist. As skillfully as locks, windows and doors to check for stability and look if they are properly functioning. If you see any signs of water damage, it is likely harmful bacteria and mold may doing your home. If you are looking to sell your property, It is greater than before to gain all of this checked, as this will save a lot of epoch in negotiating grow old and money.

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Our Northern Virginia Home inspector team is unconditionally committed  to providing  you  a tall quality and in-depth advanced inspection tally of everything the key components and aspects of your house or business. So you can help understand what can help increase your properties value and longevity. 

After Northern Virginia inspector has completed its assessment of your home or property, we will give you the vital information you need to ensure you have answer confidence in the knowledge that you can make the most informed and viable decision about your major investment